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Wet plate portraits

Wet plate portraits are mezmerizing. The process brings out skin tones that are very different from what you get with any other photographic technique. Wp Gunnar3 Web 200pxBut there are drawbacks, of course. First and foremost it’s the exposure time. Depending on the available light, one to ten seconds exposure time is common. The sitter needs to be still during this time—movement will cause blur in the image. Secondly, it is not always a sitter likes how they look in wet plate photographs. Images tend to bring out wrinkles in the skin, and a tan looks much darker than you’d expect. That said: these portraits are often very beautiful, honest and revealing of character!

Due to the long exposures, photographing children is challenging, but can be very rewarding.

A wet plate positive photograph is one-of-a-kind. It can not be duplicated. Of course, it can be scanned and printed using digital technology. If you are interested in acquiring a unique and unconventional portrait to give away, have on your wall or similar, please contact me. You’ll reach me here.

Plate sizeFirst imageSecond imageThird image
4×5 inches100 EUR50 EUR50 EUR
6.5×6.5 inches250 EUR100 EUR50 EUR
6.5×8.5 inches300 EUR150 EUR100 EUR
8×10 inches500 EUR300 EUR150 EUR

When we take your portrait, you’ll leave with at least one image you are satisfied with. If an image is flawed technically, I’ll take a new one. Bad plates are on me. So it’s not a »one shot« deal.

Buying images on RedBubble.com

I have a page on RedBubble.com Buy my art where you can buy posters, prints, greeting cards and more, featuring my photographs. I design the posters myself, and they look very nice. The prints are available in different sizes, and are attractively priced. Check it out, by clicking on the images below, or the little red image to the right.

Hand made prints

If you see something here you like, and it’s not avaliable on RedBubble, I can make you a print. I print up to A3+ on an inkjet printer with HP Vivera pigment inks, on high quality fine art paper from Hahnemühle. These prints are rated to last more than 200 years without fading. I have bigger prints made on either RA4 paper (Lambda print, more than 70 years without fading) or inkjet prints. The big inkjet prints are more difficult to ship than RA4 prints, and significantly more expensive. For black and white prints, the inkjet variety are superior. I do not make traditional black and white prints (in the darkroom) anymore.